Alec Leddon is a media producer who specializes in music production, audio engineering, video production, video editing, and graphic design/animation. He primarily produces instrumental hip hop  music which attempts to bridge the gaps between hip hop/rap music and other classic genres like rock, jazz, soul, blues, funk, etc while still creating a unique sound that does not stray too far from the mainstream. Alec played piano competitively for over 10 years which largely influences the musicality he attempts to instill in each of his songs.


Alec often experiments with short films and documentaries finding a way to incorporate humor into all of his works. Drawing influence from many popular cartoons including South Park, Rick and Morty, The Big Lez Show and more. Alec tends to favor the crude, humorous, and raw when it comes to aesthetics in films and other artworks. His works largely attempt to combine aspects of humor and absurdity with other genres and styles not typically associated with humor.