Digital Photographic Practices: Final


Artist’s Statement:

As an artist and musician I tend to draw influence from many popular cartoons including South Park, Rick and Morty, The Big Lez Show and more. This is largely because I typically favor the crude, humorous, and raw when it comes to aesthetics in films and other artworks. 

For this project I decided to take many illustrations which I created over the past few years and combined them with photographs shot during the months of September, October, and November of 2019. To perpetuate the influences and aesthetic tastes of previous works I’ve created, I made a conscious effort to incorporate elements of humor, crudeness, fashion, and much more throughout the project. The humor that I am the most fond of  usually involves a juxtaposition between clever topical concept and crude humorous visuals. So, for this project I attempted to instill humor within each piece that had many layers of depth to its comedic structure. For example, my Kim Jong Un pieces are not only funny to look at without knowing about Kim Jong Un, but knowing about Un and Donald Trump’s famous “Little Rocketman Speech” makes the piece much funnier. Many of these pieces also tie into hip hop culture which is the primary type of music I produce. Most of the pieces created for this series are used as cover art for songs and musical projects that I’ve created. The content of each piece is largely reflective of the different aspects of my personality as a musician/creator a well as what fits well with specific songs I created. I expanded upon the previous version of my project by creating more illustrations and taking more photographs. I also expanded the series into different mediums and platforms through the use of animation, video and music.