The Keys Feat. Sam Dorfman (February 2019)

The Keys Feat. Sam Dorfman is a hip hop instrumental produced by Alec Leddon (A.K.A. Lil’ Rocketman). With this project Alec created a short edit of drone footage taken at Abasin Ski Resort. The footage features Alec and friends skiing around the area. The idea of this project was largely to capture the essence of the place not only through the footage but with the music as well.

About the Project

Capturing the scene…

For this project Alec tried to capture the essence and vibes of the area instead of focusing on the actual skiers on the mountain. The footage was captured by Alec using a drone at Abasin Ski Resort. The song was chosen for this video not only because it fit the footage well but it also fit the vibe had that day.