The Yellow Deli Documentary: An in-depth investigation (2018)

The Yellow Deli Documentary: An in-depth investigation is a documentary/mockumentary created by Alec Leddon in the winter of 2018. The film is 10 minutes in length and it explores a local restaurant in Boulder Colorado and its questionable owners/origins. It also attempts to portray how easy it is for the media to skew information without any real content. The film is the first in a series created by Alec Leddon which attempt to expose the Yellow Deli as being more than just a great deli…

About the Project

Child abuse, racism, and a “hell of a roast beef.”

The Yellow Deli is a restaurant with 15 locations world-wide. It is run by a religious organization called The Twelve Tribes, based out of Chattanooga Tennessee. With this project Alec largely attempts to show how the media can skew content and depict cults in a negative manner. The documentary features interviews from local residents who either know about the restaurant and it’s management or have had personal contact with the restaurant and/or the religious group it is associated with.